Worm Gear Sets A22

Worm Gear Sets A22
Dimensional drawing Worm Gear Sets A22
i = gear ratioda1 = tip diameter (worm)T2 = output torque
γm = Lead anglez2 = No. of teethMF = mineral grease
mn = moduledm2 = pitch diameter (worm gear)MÖ = mineral oil / synthetic grease
z1 = number of threadsdA = max. diameter (worm gear)SÖ = synthetic oil
dm1 = pitch diameter (worm)
Axial distance 22 mmiLead anglemWormWorm gearT2 [Nm]

Steel, right-hand threaded worm, case hardened HV 620 – 700.
Worm gear made of CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi or plastic or laminate 2083 upon request.

The output torque rating (T2) applies to the initial speed of 2800 rpm at the worm (shaft).
The efficiency values (see table in worm gear set catalog) are guidelines. The bearing, lubrication, speed, and installation, in addition to the lead angle, can influence efficiency.

Gears may be combined only with worms of the same axial distance and with the same transmission ratio.
Worms or worm gears from other manufacturers may not be paired with the counterpiece from Framo Morat. It is almost always necessary to adjust the toothing specifications.
All dimensions can be adapted upon request.

Is your desired gear set not available? Request your gear set!
Moderate quantities are usually available from stock, larger quantities are delivered in partial quantities or upon request.

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