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The functional principle of worm gear sets has been unchanged for over 100 years: A spiral-shaped worm engages into a gear, forming what is called a worm gear. The axles here are shifted by 90°. Worm gears are generally used where high gear ratios (up to 150:1) have to be achieved in one step. In doing so, the high speed of an electric motor can be converted into a high torque at a slow speed.

For manufacturers of transmissions, motors and drives, Framo Morat worm gear sets are the embodiment of maximum precision and reliable, durable function. Whether in drives of automatic doors and gates, in actuators for aligning dish antennas, in linear drives of handling systems, in dosing pumps for the chemical industry or in motorized gardening tools – our worm gear sets are used successfully in numerous applications and industries.

Worm gears and gear motors

Getr_Mot02_freiThe traditional application for our standard worm gear sets is in gear motors. A number of renowned manufacturers that serve various markets worldwide use our worm gear sets.

Adjustment systems for operating tables

MedizinRehaTech_frei_05Medical applications pose the very highest of demands regarding precision, quiet running and long service life. This is also the case for the worm gear sets made of stainless steel, with which all moving parts of an operating table can be adjusted. Link to manufacturer

Metering pumps or chemical systems

Schneckenradsatz_01A main use of our worm gear sets is as pump systems for purifying drinking water and waste water treatment. The use of high-quality materials ensures reliability and a long service life for our gear sets under uniform loads in continuous operation.

Components for PV tracking systems

Solar_01_freiWorm gear sets used as an azimuth slewing drive for transmitting up to 9,000 Nm of dynamic and 20,000 Nm of static loads to tracking systems with a panel as large as 60m2.

Worm gear sets that can be adjusted for low backlash

Planetary geard GSB for rotary tables

In rotary and swivel tables that position components for processing or for automated assembly, worm gear sets in duplex gear design with adjustable gearing backlash are used. Because the gearing is adjustable, instruments and components to be measured can be precisely positioned throughout their entire service life. The duplex worm gear set is especially suited for drives that require positioning at precise angles with high gear ratios.

Rotary head technology for Satellite System

Satellte dish at the top of building

This satellite system is the optimum solution for those who travel to the remotest corners and attach the greatest value to maximum convenience for satellite reception. Just push a button and the satellite antenna starts its fully automatic scan, identifies the satellite after a few seconds and transmits the desired broadcast.
This is allowed thanks to an innovative rotary head technology in which only the head of the antenna rotates and the antenna body remains fixed This system relies on precise and low-backlash worm gear sets of the Franz Morat Group, which reliably ensure accurate angular positioning. This innovative technology offers the following advantages: reduced power consumption, less space requirement and lower mechanical stress.

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