speeroX – Smart. Silent. Space-saving.

With the newly developed speeroX wheel set from Framo Morat, high gear ratios and a power flow around the corner can be achieved in just one stage. In the right application, for example when only one direction of rotation is required, the speeroX gear set beats conventional multi-stage gears in terms of the gear ratio. It is quiet and features high efficiency with a long service life. Compared to single-stage gears, the speeroX gear set impresses with its compact design, which is achieved through the advantageous arrangement of the wheel and worm.

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The speeroX gearing enables significant advantages over classic gearbox variants in terms of performance, efficiency, noise, service life and installation space through application-specific adjustments.

In his presentation as part of the KEM web session “Drive technology – Little space is not an argument!”, Bastian Gloeden goes into the details and explains – both from a gear technology perspective and using practical examples – what advantages you gain from using the speeroX wheelset.
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