Compacta MS12

Slip-on geared motor Compacta MS12


  • 3-phase AC motor
  • Terminal box
  • Any transmission
  • Thermal protection
  • IP 54
  • Plastic 1st gear stage

Depending on the gear ratio, the Compacta MS12 shaft-mounted gear motor with the optional integrated control unit version provides a drive speed of 3 to 193 rpm and a nominal torque up to 142 Nm. The drive motor has a compact design, making it ideal for applications in reversing mode with narrow installation conditions. Standard drive motors are splash-protected (IP54), optionally jet-protected (IP65) and explosion-protected in accordance with ATEX 95. Additional options increase the number of application options substantially.

Furthermore, design-related adjustments are also conceivable for larger quantities so that the drive motor can be adapted individually to certain requirements.
You can find projects that have already been implemented here.

The Compacta series covers output speeds of 0.45 to 193 rpm and a torque range of 10 to 1600 Nm with the four sizes MR6, MS12, MR30 and AG160.

Dimensions for standard drive

Dimensional drawing for Slip-on geared motor Compacta MS12


Slip-on geared motor Compacta MS12 Options
Options with dimensions [mm]ab
Single phase AC motor(-)(-)
DC motor286(-)
DC motor + Motor disc brake336(-)
Cone brake(-)(-)
Motor disc brake295(-)
Rotor fan283(-)
Rotor fan + Motor disc brake307(-)
Motor fan (continuous ventilation)307(-)
Motor fan + Motor disc brake333(-)
Hand crank382(-)
Limit switch version  1(-)179
Limit switch version 2 / 2P(-)(-)
Slipping clutch(x)(x)
Single-ended stub shaft(x)(x)
Bronze 1st gear stage(-)(-)

(-) Does not affect size (x) Please refer to the datasheets for additional or missing dimensions

3-phase AC motors – 3×230/400V-50Hz

n2 min-1
Output torque
n1 min-1
Motor output
Max. limit switch range
Output rotation
d.c. 40%d.c. 60% d.c. 100% **d.c. 40%d.c. 60% d.c. 100% **
193161214.2: 127500.40.3So


137.52115.720: 127500.40.3So275
94.83022.529: 127500.40.3So275
6839.529.540.5: 127500.40.3So275
61443345: 127500.40.3So275
47.645.53429: 113800.30.23So275
43.6443363: 127500.40.3So275
36.7473575: 127500.40.3So275
32.7594484: 127500.40.3Ss275
30.5634790: 127500.40.3Ss275
24.17254114: 127500.40.3Ss275
21.9664963: 113800.30.23So275
18.38463150: 127500.40.3Sd275
16.4886684: 113800.30.23Ss275
15.394.57190: 113800.30.23Ss275
12.1107.580.5114: 113800.30.23Ss275
9.212694.5150: 113800.30.23Sd275
7.713299180: 113800.30.23Sd275
6.1142106.5225: 113800.30.23Sd275
4.58866 (ED 60%)150: 16800.120.09Sd275
3.89268 (ED 60%)180: 16800.120.09Sd275
310075 (ED 60%)225: 16800.120.09Sd275

So = no self locking; Ss = static self locking; Sd= dynamic self locking
** At 100% relative duty (continuous duty), cooling is always required. With cooling. motors rated at 60%, 100% duty operation can be achieved.

Single phase AC motoren – 1x230V-50Hz

n2 min-1
Output torque
Nm (20% duty cycle) **
n1 min-1
Motor output
19310.014.2: 127500.28So
137.513.020: 127500.28So
94.818.029: 127500.28So
6823.940.5: 127500.28So
6126.045: 127500.28So
47.627.029: 113800.25So
43.626.063: 127500.28So
36.728.075: 127500.28So
32.735.084: 127500.28Ss
30.538.090: 127500.28Ss
24.143.0114: 127500.28Ss
21.940.063: 113800.25So
18.349.8150: 127500.28Sd
16.453.084: 113800.25Ss
15.356.990: 113800.25Ss
12.165.0114: 113800.25Ss
9.275.9150: 113800.25Sd
7.779.0180: 113800.25Sd
6.184.9225: 113800.25Sd

So = no self locking; Ss = static self locking; Sd= dynamic self locking
** The stated single phase torques are operational torques. The starting torque may be only 66% of the stated catalog torque. Please contact the manufacturer if max. torque is required.

24V DC permanent magnet motor

Output speed
Output torque
Self lockingTransmission ratio
14016To14.2: 1
10021To20: 1
6930To29: 1
4940To40.5: 1
4445To45: 1
3245To63: 1
2748To75: 1
2460Ss84: 1
2265Ss90: 1
17.573Ss114: 1
1388Sd150: 1
1191Sd180: 1
8.996Sd225: 1

So = no self locking; Ss = static self locking; Sd= dynamic self locking
P = 0.3 kW
I N = 25A
30% duty cycle
The output speed of Compacta gear motors with DC motors varies with the output torque.

Please note: The gear motor can be overloaded by 50% for brief periods. Single-phase AC and DC motors may stall.

Please contact the manufacturer regarding the following operating conditions:
• Temperatures below 0°C (single phase AC and DC motors: below 10°C)
• Temperatures above 40°C
• Strong vibrations

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