Compacta GR30

Compacta GR30

Technical data:

Output torque:
Output speed:
Idling speed:
Nominal motor power:
Duty cycle bei 250 Nm
Nominal voltage:
Power input:
Motor type:
Protection class:

250 Nm max.
2 rpm at 250 Nm
6 rpm
i = 887:1
280 W
20 % S3
24 V DC smoothed
ca. 18 A bei 250 Nm
Permanent magnet
IP 54
12,5 kg

The values indicated are only valid if the Framo power supply is used!
Limit switch range: 35 rev. on output shaft (Standard). Higher ranges are available as an option.


• Transformer (power supply) within casing
• Control electronics within casing
• Power supply + Control electronics within casing

The slip-on geared motor Compacta GR30 was specially developed for drives that power small to medium-sized above-ground swimming pool covers.
These pool covers generally consist of buoyant fins, which are pulled or pushed over the water surface. The winding of the fins is done by a building drum driven by a Compacta GR30. The Compacta-series with the three types GP6, GS12 and GR30 cover torques from 60 up to 250 Nm.



Speed – Torque

Current – Torque

Duty cycle – Torque

Transformator (power unit)

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