Modular Linear Systems

laser cutting machine

Single source solutions – individually configured for you.

The suitable and economical drive system for every machine type.

The laser cutting process is used to cut different materials. Modern laser cutting gantries assure high positioning and repeat accuracy with less than 1 μm tolerance while maintaining a highly dynamic process speed of up to 300 m/min.

In the gantry drive units, rack and pinion drive systems – consisting of planetary gear, pinion and toothed rack – ensure the dynamic and positionally accurate motion sequence. The technically and economically sophisticated linear systems are used for positioning both the X-axes and the Y-axes. The key element of the drive system is a high-precision planetary gear of the GSD series from Framo Morat. The gear unit, designed for high radial and axial forces, impresses with its compact design. The robotic output flange ensures maximum torsional stiffness.

When selecting the suitable rack and pinion drive, Framo Morat has over 100 years of experience in gearing and drive technology and many years of industry expertise. Based on the modular system, the planetary gearhead, which is available in sizes 47, 64, 90, 110 and 140, is combined with a suitable pinion and corresponding rack, depending on the requirement profile of the overall system. The drive unit can also be optionally equipped with a lubrication system.


grafic economic viability

Positioning accuracy

grafic postioning accuracy


grafic repeat accuracy

Modular Linear Systems

The advanced combination of planetary gearbox, pinion, rack and lubrication systems.

High End Planetary Gears GSD

planetary gear-GSD
  • Compact design
  • Highest torsional rigidity
  • High permissible radial and axial forces
  • Low backlash
  • Low noise level
  • Protection class IP 65

High Precision Pinion

  • High-precision gearing
  • Optimized toothing geometry
  • Positioning accuracy
  • High process forces
  • Compact design

High-Precision Rack

  • No deformation during gear coupling
  • High strength of rack and teeth
  • Transmission of high torque or high feed force

High End Linear Systems

  • Positioning accuracy
  • Feed force and Power density
  • Stiffness
  • Ease of assembly
  • Less wearing, long life-time
  • Application specific versions

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Custom planetary gears

custom planetary gear

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Planetary gears overview

planetary gear-G-Series