Custom Linear Actuators

Facade Technology


Due to their attractive design, these drives are often used in shading systems on large building complexes. Here they control the position of the awning elements. The drive has a stainless steel housing and can be equipped with modular options such as a brake, rotary encoder or force-dependent cut-off. The stroke can be adjusted over the entire stroke length as standard. An entire row of awnings can be adjusted with just one drive using a suitable positioning system.

Solar Technology


We have developed special linear actuators for the vertical tracking of photovoltaic modules. They are characterized by low maintenance requirements and high resistance to wind, dampness and temperature fluctuations (dynamic and static loads of up to 50 and 210 kN respectively). Trapezoidal or ball screws are used with or without integrated limit switches. A variety of transmissions and motors are also available.

Food Industry

Mini Kundenspez Lebensmittelbranche

The water jet protection (IP 65) and the use of stainless steel allow this actuator to be used in harsh and aggressive environmental conditions, for example in hygienic areas of the food industry. The stroke can be adjusted from the outside over the entire stroke length, making installation and set-up child’s play.


Industrial Furnaces

Batches are removed and inserted for heat treatment using a LinearChain push chain system. This allows the vacuum in the furnace to be maintained when changing chambers.


A push pull chain LinearChain, driven by a Compacta slip-on geared motor, is used on driverless transport systems (AGVs) as a drive unit for the lift table.

Container Mover

The Container Mover moves containers from the railroad wagon to the truck trailer and vice versa. Using the same truck that is used for transportation, the container can be loaded onto the train within 3 minutes – without the help of a crane or forklift truck.


Crane construction


A Mini drive in a construction crane releases the brakes for the wind-release system. Cranes must be able to turn like a weathervane in strong winds to prevent air resistance becoming too high and the subsequent risk that the crane might tip over.

Packaging Technology

Mini drives are used on blister packaging machines to adjust the forming film reel take-up and pay-off.

Hygien area


The protection against water jets (IP 65) and the use of stainless steel enable our mini actuators to be used in harsh and aggressive environments, for example in hygienic areas of the food industry.

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