Application examples for hub gears

Belt drive for high-bay warehouse shuttles


In high-bay warehouses, multiple shuttles work each day to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of pallets and storage boxes. Our drive unit is also ideal for this application. It is used as a belt drive for moving and distributing the goods. A long service life and accommodation of high radial loads ensures smooth use and easy maintenance.

AGV drive for hospital intralogistics

AGV in hospital service area

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are used in hospitals, for example, as state-of-the-art goods transport systems. They can connect multiple buildings and floors to each other. In doing so, they supply various areas with food, medication, laundry, mail, and much more. The Framo Morat drive unit is ideal for use in medical facilities due to its low noise emissions and long service life.

Hub drive with brush for agricultural technology


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are being used more and more frequently in Agriculture 4.0, for example, for field and stable work. This makes it possible to automate recurring, time-intensive tasks. An adapted wheel profile and sealing of the drive unit make it easy to drive on any outdoor ground, even if it is very dirty.

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Cutomized hub gears

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