Hub gears

Hub gears for automated guided vehicles (AGVs).


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With unattended operation around the clock, driverless transport systems (AGVs) in warehouses, parcel distribution centres and production halls ensure maximum profitability and reliability when distributing goods, packaging materials or components.

Hub gears from Framo Morat prove their value as wheel drives for AGVs due to the advantageous arrangement of both the bearings and the drive and output shafts. Furthermore, a compact design in confined spaces is possible.

The hub gears are available in the NG250 and NG500 variants, each in single- and double-stage versions with polyurethan wheels. Moreover, customer-specific adaptations, such as a brush seal for outdoor applications or a toothed belt for use in high-bay warehouses, can be made too.

Product features

Standard equipment

  • Compact design thanks to integration of planetary carrier in impeller
  • High radial loads thanks to direct transfer of force to vehicle frame
  • Long service life and low noise emissions thanks to separation of gear and impeller
  • Short delivery times and high efficiency with geared platform (NG250/500):
    – Single or two-stage planetary gear (i = 4, 5, 8, 16, 20 and 32:1)
    – Polyurethan wheel, Ø160×50 mm (NG500) or Ø125×50 mm (NG250)
  • Maintenance-friendly design, e.g. thanks to the option to easily change wheels

Optional equipment

  • Drive systems fully developed in line with customer specifications including motor, brake, encoder and controller
  • Individual motor adaptation, through specially adapted stub shaft and motor bolt circle
  • Protection against intake of debris via brush seal
  • Adaptation of the polyurethan impeller
    – Individual materials (better floor preservation and rolling performance, antistatic tread, etc.)
    – Further sizes (Ø140 – Ø200x50mm)
    – Special wheels and profiles (pneumatic tire, outdoor profile, etc.)
  • Compliance with international standards
    – Protection class IP67, UL-certification, ATEX-certification
  • Excellent flexibility for customer-specific adaptations based on the modular principle:
    – Individually configured radial loads
    – Custom sizes
    – Helically toothed planetary carriers
    – Individual materials, e.g. thermoplastics
    – Other ratios (e.g. i = 25, 40 and 64:1)



Wheel hub drive NG250
  • Max. load capacity 250 kg
  • Standard wheel size 125 mm
  • Total gear length 62,5 mm


Wheel hub drive NG500
  • Max. load capacity 500 kg
  • Standard wheel size 160 mm
  • Total gear length 64 mm

Custom engineerd solutions

custom wheel hub drive
  • Individual radial load
  • Application-specific interfaces
    (motor and impeller)

Wheel hub drive

Framo Morat has developed a highly integrated wheel hub drive that combines all functional elements, such as the wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful electric motor and a brake and electronics, into one all-inclusive solution.
modular and scalable system boasts high performance in a compact design and lets users make adaptations to the load capacity, torque, interfaces, sensor system and control profiles.

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Custom hub gears

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