Custom Engineered Drives

  • We have vast experience from a multitude of customer projects.
  • We supervise your project from specification to application.
  • You receive a complete solution, optimized in terms of function and costs.
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Our customers also value us as an experienced partner in innovative drive solutions. A separate development team for custom engineered drives supervises every project from specification to volume production and ensures that the final result is both technically and economically sound. Learn more here.

The fascinating thing about custom engineered projects is that no two are ever the same. Our vast experience in drive technology does however mean that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Our customers benefit from this wealth of knowledge and experience as they can rely on us to rise to even the most complex of challenges.

Countless drive solutions, from worm, spur or planetary gears to complex drive systems, have already been produced in this way. We are proud of the fact that our solutions have helped many well-known customers enjoy success and we want you to join them!

Examples for Custom Engineered Drives

Stair lift

Stair lift

Drive for stair lift

The stair lift drive developed by Framo Morat actually consists of a total of three drives: the main drive for the lift’s upward and downward movements, one for swiveling the seat (making it easy to get on and off), and a drive for tilt correction so that the seating Stair lift drive systemposition is always horizontal despite differing gradients within a stair section.

Two-component mixer

Two component mixer

Drive for two-component mixer

This drive is used in dental practices. At the touch of a button it automatically doses and mixes two viscous, paste-like substances in the correct proportion and in the desired quantity. The challenge posed by this application consisted in designing the drive for an upgraded model – a quieter and smaller drive but twice as powerful.

Compact drive system for AGVs / AMRs

AGV with wheel hub drives

wheel hub drive small

The compact and powerful wheel hub motor with integrated gearbox from drive system manufacturer HEINZMANN ensures economical operation in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). As all the drive components, from the motor and gearbox to the output shaft including bearings, have been integrated as one unit in a common housing, the drive system is extremely space-saving, with an axial length of just 110 mm. The dual-channel motor controller is precisely matched to the system and controls up to two wheels.

Adjustment unit for tractors

Agricultural technique

Adjustment unit for tractor gears

The adjustment unit evaluates the signals of an electronic control device on the tractor and adjusts the desired transmission via a drive shaft. Electronics, electric motor, planetary gears, bevel gears and encoders form a compact unit. The encoder provides a high number of pulses per rotation and shows the position of the output shaft via its own reference output. Integrated electronics evaluate the signals and provide feedback to the tractor.

The “Solar Tracker”

Solar panel

solar tracker

This two-axle tracking system (Solar Tracker) is used to increase the effectiveness of photovoltaic plants. The Solar Tracker aligns the solar module to the sun horizontally and vertically. Framo Morat developed special drive systems for the precise adjustment of azimuth and elevation (± 2°) in which all components – from the drive housing to the cable – have been specially designed for use in harsh outdoor environments. A positioning system developed in-house allows the control of a complete row of trackers with just one drive.

Worm gear for rehabilitation technology


Schneckengetriebe BewegungsschieneTwo worm gear units have been built into a shoulder motion rail: one raises and lowers the patient’s arm; the other carries out a rotational movement of the shoulder. This generates a movement corresponding to the natural pattern for the shoulder. Maximum accuracy is required for post-operative movement of the shoulder, which is moved over the top dead center. Too great a gear backlash can be painful for the patient so our gears are produced with a total play of less than 1.5°.

Tracking of Fresnel collectors


Nachfuehrung Fresnel KollektorenThe reflectors of a solar thermal power station must make several thousand tracking movements a day for optimum energy yield. Drives must therefore meet maximum demands for robustness and durability, resist the high temperatures and fluctuating dampness, and withstand dust and sandstorms in desert regions. The adjustment drives from Framo Morat thus have a very high enclosure rating and are only made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials.

Façade adjustment systems


Fassade Verstellsystem ZahnstangenantriebFaçades are constantly exposed to wind and weather. Drives for adjusting extensive façade elements and sunblinds must therefore be highly resistant and durable. Framo Morat offers rack and pinion drives with a very high enclosure rating for this application. Their components are exclusively made of corrosion-resistant materials. The drives are not just reliable – they also look good, and are thus suitable for use in architecturallydemanding façades. A total of 1,320 rack and pinion drives from Framo Morat are used to adjust the sunblinds of the award-winning, 270-meter-long “Kraanspoor” office building in Amsterdam’s port.

Control valve drives


These custom engineered drives actuate control valves, such as those used in district heating networks. To accommodate the wide variety of applications, we produce over 100 variants, including those for different travels, actuating forces, speeds and operating voltages. Test procedures integrated into the assembly ensure that all relevant characteristic values are achieved at all times. For our customers, we take in charge, besides the complete assembly, also the manufacture of the injection molded plastic parts.

Brewing group for fully automatic coffee machine

Brühgruppe Kaffeevollautomat

Motorgetriebene BrühgruppeThe motor-driven brewing group, consisting of a gear frame and brewing head, is used in professional automatic coffee machines for the catering sector. The ground coffee is transferred from the grinder to the brewing compartment and compressed. Hot water is then fed in and mixed with . the coffee. When the brewing process is over, the brewing unit is placed in the release position. The coffee is released via movement of the outlet piston, after which the brewing group returns to its starting position.

Regulating valve drives


Regulating valve drivesUsed as an individual small valve drive, this unit controls for example radiators and induction units in conjunction with zone valves. About 25 variants are produced from over 40 individual parts, which differ for example in terms of lifting force and actuating speed. A concluding final test ensures that the drive fulfills the required performance data. For this drive too, we produce all of the injection molded plastic parts.

Drives for stair lifts


Treppensteighilfe StirnradgetriebeA three-stage spur gear was developed for a stair-climbing aid. The Stair Climber can easily be attached to a conventional wheelchair so that persons weighing up to 160 kg can be transported up and down stairs. Particular attention was given to the quality of the gear components because of the extremely high demands made of the drive regarding performance and quiet running. Framo Morat won the contract to supply the drives because of the high quality we were able to guarantee.

Caravan Mover

Caravan-Mover Stirnradgetriebe

StirnradgetriebeThe Truma Mover XT is considered the most powerful and fastest drive in the branch. It is robust, corrosion-resistant and reliable. To maneuver the caravan, in the first phase, the tilting unit positions tilt and drive unit against the tire. As soon as the roller exerts its whole pressure of about 6,000 N on the tire, the main motor starts actuating it through a three-stage spur gear, thus driving the wheel of the caravan. The challenge was to design a reduction gear able to supply the required torques while fitting in the tight mounting space available.

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