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Standard versions

With over 60 standard variants, the Compacta series of slip-on geared motors with integrated automatic switching cover a wide range for numerous applications in a wide variety of industries. The small installation dimensions allow it to be used particularly in applications where space is limited. The standardized interfaces of the drives enable easy installation and commissioning in existing applications.
Standard Compacta drives are used, for example, in press brakes and sheet metal bending machines, in mechanical and plant engineering or in lighting and stage technology.

Sheet metal machining

compacta MS12The Compacta MS 12 precisely adjust the crowning systems on folding presses (sheet metal bending machines). This compensates for the sagging of the table and press bar.

Automotive suppliers

compacta MS12Compacta drives adjust the limit stops of a metal blank loader during production of vehicle body parts.

Lighting and stage equipment

Compacta MR30Here, Compacta drive motors are mainly used for raising and moving spotlights and curtains, for example for the adjustment of spotlights in TV studios.
Dynamic self-locking of the drive is essential in this application for safety reasons.

Modified standards

An extensive selection of options – for example integrated brakes, rotary encoders, slip clutch, external ventilation, moisture protection coating – enables individual adaptation to a variety of applications, from food technology to facade technology to intralogistics or clean room technology.


compacta MS12A Compacta MS12 adjusts the sunshades on a façade. A set of rods and a toothed rack transfer force to each complete segment of the sunshades.The attractive appearance of the drive permits installation in visible locations, avoiding unnecessary outlay for paneling or cutouts in the façade.

HighTech Tumbler


The Compacta AG160 is used as a hinged cover drive for HighTech Tumblers, which are machines for the automatic mixing, tumbling and marinating of meat and sausage products from Black Forest Rühle GmbH (, a renowned manufacturer of food production and butchers’ equipment. The tumblers have a computer-controlled 20-second loading system. During this process, the 60 kg lid is opened and closed at a 90° angle.

Drive for stage curtains

A Compacta AG60 raises or lowers a stage curtain. Reliability and smooth running are important for stage applications. Meanwhile the AG60 has been replaced by the AG160, which comes with the same mounting size but considerably improved torque.

Custom versions

In addition to the standard versions or modified standards, customer-specific designs are possible for special requirements and corresponding quantities. Thanks to the modular design of the Compacta slip-on geared motors, existing modules can be combined with components newly designed specifically for the task in numerous solutions. This saves both time and development costs.

When designing and configuring your drive individually, you benefit from our decades of experience in drive technology. By selecting the right options, we ensure the integration of the drive into your overall system and thus a smooth market launch.

Numerous innovative drive systems with a Compacta as a core element have already been created. You can find some examples here.

The “Solar Tracker”

solar-trackerThis two-axle tracking system (Solar Tracker) is used to increase the effectiveness of photovoltaic plants. The Solar Tracker aligns the solar module to the sun horizontally and vertically. Framo Morat developed special drive systems for the precise adjustment of azimuth and elevation (± 2°) in which all components – from the drive housing to the cable – have been specially designed for use in harsh outdoor environments. A positioning system developed in-house allows the control of a complete row of trackers with just one drive.

Tracking of Fresnel collectors


Nachfuehrung Fresnel KollektorenThe reflectors of a solar thermal power station must make several thousand tracking movements a day for optimum energy yield. Drives must therefore meet maximum demands for robustness and durability, resist the high temperatures and fluctuating dampness, and withstand dust and sandstorms in desert regions. The adjustment drives from Framo Morat thus have a very high enclosure rating and are only made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials.
Link to Solar Powergroup.

Metal processing

Adjusting the crowning unit in sheet metal bending machines

DurmlaHigh levels of bending forces in the bending process lead to an elastic deformation of the bending machine’s frame. This results in different bending angles, which leads to faulty workpieces. The crowning unit developed by Framo Morat, which reliably supplies the required adjusting forces, provides the compensation for different bending angles. This development focused on this unit’s ability to be easily integrated into existing control systems. Smooth integration into CNC control systems is ensured using the integrated feedback system.

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