Compacta AG160

Slip-on geared motor Compacta AG160


  • 3-phase AC motor
  • Terminal box
  • Thermal protection
  • IP 54

The Compacta AG160 slip-on geared motor offers an output speed of 0.45 to 5.7 min-1 and a nominal torque of up to 1600 Nm in the preconfigured standard versions. The geared motor is characterized by its compact design and is therefore ideal for applications in reversing operation with tight installation spaces. In the standard version, the geared motors are splash-proof (IP54).

AG160 standard versions

Article No. Connection voltage Mains frequency
Output speed
Torque /
Duty cycle (ED)
Data sheet Circuit diagram Step
6-160-AG-0001 3x230V AC 50 0.45 1600 Nm / 60% 6-160-0001-DS.pdf  ce1023.pdf  6-150-0001.stp
6-160-AG-0002 3x400V AC 50 5.7 960 Nm / 60% 6-160-0002-DS.pdf  ce2136.pdf  6-150-0002.stp
6-160-AG-0003 3x230V AC 50 0.5 1600 Nm / 60% 6-160-0003-DS.pdf  ces1032.pdf  6-150-0003.stp
6-160-AG-0004 3x230V AC 50 0.9 1600 Nm / 60% 6-160-0004-DS.pdf  ce2131.pdf  6-150-0004.stp
6-160-AG-0005 3x400V AC 50 3.7 1400 Nm / 60% 6-160-0005-DS.pdf  ce2026.pdf  6-150-0005.stp
6-160-AG-0006 3x400V AC 50 1,8 1530 Nm / 60% 6-160-0006-DS.pdf  ce5056.pdf  6-150-0006.stp
6-160-AG-0007 3x400V AC 50 1,8 1530 Nm / 60% 6-160-0007-DS.pdf  ce2129.pdf  6-150-0007.stp
6-160-AG-0008 3x400V AC 50 8,3 720 Nm / 60% 6-160-0008-DS.pdf  ce5054.pdf  6-150-0008.stp

With the three additional sizes MR6, MS12 and MR30 the Compacta series covers additional standard variants with varying gear ratios, output speeds and torque ranges.
If the predefined standard variants do not contain the right one for your application, we can create modified variants of the Compacta AG160 for larger quantities based on our extensive modular principle.
Depending on the ratio in the range from 27:1 to 450:1, an output speed of 0.45 to 8.3 min-1 can be achieved. Optionally, the geared motors can also be designed to be jet-proof (IP65) and explosion-proof in accordance with ATEX 95. Additional options substantially increase the number of possible applications.
In addition, for large-volume projects, design adjustments and completely customer-specific new developments are also possible in order to individually adapt the geared motor to specific requirements.
Information about modified and customer-specific compact drives can be found here.

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