New hub gearbox: Compact power unit for a nimble shuttle fleet

Compact, flexible and powerful:
Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have proven to be extremely economical and productive. For instance, they distribute picked goods in vast warehouse and trucking company halls. The drives for the vehicles, which are often called automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), must be lightweight and compact, with high power density and energy at the same time. In the increasingly small shuttle vehicles for distribution systems in warehouses, there is little installation space for drives.

NG250 and NG500 platform hub gearboxes
Hub gearboxes from Framo Morat have proven their utility in wheel drives for automated guided vehicles thanks to their compact design, which is achieved by integrating the planetary stage into the impeller. The advantageous arrangement of the bearings and the direct force transmission into the vehicle frame enable high radial loads. The hub gearboxes – of a design not used for AGVs before – offer significant advantages with regard to service life, reliability and noise emission compared to the wheel and toothed belt drives often used so far.

To facilitate short delivery times, the hub gearboxes are available in the NG250 and NG500 variants, each in single- and double-stage versions with Vulkollan® wheels. The low-maintenance design makes it easy to change the wheel.

Customer-specific adaptations, such as a brush seal for outdoor applications or a toothed belt for use in high-bay warehouses, can be made upon request.

Wheel hub drives as a complete system including motor, gearbox, and wheel
In design engineering and development of customer-specific wheel hub drives or customized sizes, Framo Morat is your reliable partner. Our many decades of experience in drive engineering are irreplaceable. We support you in configuring the required gear ratios, wheel loads, materials and toothing types. The modular design of the NG250 and NG500 hub gearboxes offers maximum flexibility in connecting the motor, brake, and control system. When it comes to selecting the impeller, various PU materials and wheel sizes are available for different application areas.

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