Sheet metal working

For decades, major manufacturers of sheet-bending machines and folding presses around the globe have been using gearmotors of the renowned Compacta series or custom adaptations based on its principle. Common to all of the drives is a high power density, which is achieved by a compact design with an integrated slide potentiometer, which enables easy activation. The lifting spindle drives of the mini-series or the wide variety of types and sizes from the line of planetary gears by Framo Morat are used in metal processing and machine building.

All standard transmission series are continuously being further developed and improved and serve as an ideal foundation for numerous applications. With appropriate quantities, it is frequently advantageous to design a drive individually in accordance with the required specifications according to the modular principle, or to develop it entirely according to customer specifications. Here, you benefit from Framo Morat’s decades of development experience.


Sheet metal machining

compacta MS12The Compacta MS12 drives precisely adjust the crowning systems on folding presses (sheet metal bending machines). This compensates for the sagging of the table and press bar.

Rim production


The Mini linear actuator type 2 is used in a rim production machine.