People are thinking more and more about electromobility. The underlying principle of sustainability is both inspiring and appealing. But even apart from the idealists, non-profit organizations and parties, electromobility in the industry has long since taken off from a niche existence to a boom market. The automotive industry is in the midst of the largest upheaval of its over 100-year history.

In recent year the market for e-bikes and pedelecs has experienced a particular boom. The bicycles with an electric motor are now increasingly appealing both to people who are enthusiastic about technology and to the younger generation. In the stop-and-go traffic of cities, you can frequently get somewhere faster and especially at a lower cost with an e-bike, than you could by car. Shared economy has also long since found its way into the area of electromobility, and numerous logistics companies and service providers now depend on electrically driven cargo bikes, scooters or industrial trucks.

Framo Morat sets standards in the area of electromobility with its gear components, rotor shafts and measures for gear stages in terms of smooth running, load capacity and durability. Synergy effects are produced here through close collaboration with our affiliate F. Morat, an experienced specialist in plastic injection molding technology. Expertise in designing and processing metal and plastic from a single source enables an effective combination of the strengths of both material groups—and you also benefit from this unique selling point of the Franz Morat Group, which is certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949.

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04.09.2019 – 07.09.2019
Friedrichshafen / Germany


Spur gear stage for E-Bikes


The advantages of pairing metal and plastic can be seen in this application. The high-precision spur gear stage for E-bike motors consists of a metal helical rotor shaft and a plastic gear. This gear stage ensures savings in weight as well as smooth operation and a long service life thanks to the Made in Germany quality.

Drive shaft for electric vehicles

This electric vehicle drive shaft is manufactured for one of the largest automotive suppliers, Continental. It establishes the connection from the electric motor to the transmission. To satisfy the high requirements set for quality and noise, the spherically ground gear is manufactured in a quality level of 3. Framo Morat completes all process steps, including hardening, in house.

Rotor shaft for electric scooters

This rotor shaft is manufactured for one of the largest automotive suppliers in the bike industry and is used in electric scooter motors. Framo Morat makes use of its entire range of manufacturing, from tuning and cutting to grinding, during the manufacturing process.

Industrial trucks and electric cars

Rotor shafts for the drives of industrial trucks and fork-lift trucks require maximum precision during production in order to withstand the heavy loads in daily operation whilst offering very quiet running. Our rotor shafts for use in sports cars and electric cars meet comparable requirements.

Pinion shaft and rack for steering gear unit of a lightweight formula racing car

This combination of a rack and a polygon profile pinion shaft is a component part of the rack transmission used to steer a 100% electrically powered racing car driven by the Running Snail Racing Team at OTH Amberg-Weiden (Technical University of Applied Sciences) in Germany. It transfers the rotary movement from the steering wheel to the wheels. It requires maximum precision for a play-free shaft-hub connection and high core strength and surface hardness. In contrast to the previously used component which had around 3 degrees of play in the steering wheel, the new pinion shaft achieves steering with virtually zero play.