The automotive industry invests in research and development more than all other industries. The further development of classic drives and alternative fuels, the expansion of electromobility and the digital revolution in cars—from autonomous driving to connectivity—are the driving themes of the future.

Whether for combustion engines or electric vehicles, Framo Morat not only produces gear components of all kinds for main drives and convenience drives, but also develops complete drive units—sometimes jointly with our affiliate F. Morat,  an experienced specialist in plastic injection molding technology.

The symbiosis of metal and plastic enables a combination of the strengths of the two material groups. Newly developed plastics are fulfilling ever higher requirements for strength, temperature resistance, toughness and weight reduction—a criterion that has a positive effect on energy efficiency.


Pump gear wheels

These geared parts are fabricated for oil pumps in the main aggregate of a german automobile manufacturer.

Caravan mover


The Truma Mover XT is considered the most powerful and fastest drive in the branch. It is robust, corrosion-resistant and reliable. To maneuver the caravan, in the first phase, the tilting unit positions the drive roller against the tire. As soon as the roller exerts its whole pressure of about 6,000 N on the tire, the main motor starts actuating it through a three-stage spur gear, thus driving the wheel of the caravan. The challenge was to design a reduction gear able to supply the required torques while fitting in the tight mounting space available.

Drive shaft for industrial trucks

Shafts for forklift motors require high-quality materials and the greatest precision to withstand extreme load conditions.

Input shaft for sports cars

sports car

This input shaft is manufactured for a worldwide leading automotive manufacturer of sports cars and Formula 1 racing cars. The short gear change times and high torques place high demands on the input shaft in terms of strength, weight and backlash. This allows improving the performance and efficiency of the whole powertrain. Framo Morat has the whole manufacturing chain (turning, teeth cutting, industrial hardening, straightening, internal teeth shaping, shoulder grinding, including abrasive belt monitoring and crack testing) in its premises.

Forged hub for double-clutch gearbox

car transparent powertrain

This forged hub is a part of an automated double-clutch gearbox for hybrid drives. The integration of an electric motor allows all hybrid functions such as start/stop, recovery of braking energy and downsizing of the combustion engine, as well as a booster function. The highly accurate external teeth cutting of the forged hub is one of Framo Morat’s core competences.

Spindle shaft for active rear steering

Rear axle steering

The active rear steering, or ARS assists the driver by controlling automatically the steering angle. This feature increases safety and in the same time allows achieving better curve dynamics. The spindle shaft greatly contributes here as it ensures prefect transmission of large and variable torques. In order to meet the most stringent requirements of the automotive standards, all quality-relevant manufacturing operations – teeth cutting, gear hobbing, deburring and brushing, cleaning and preservation – are performed in-house at Framo Morat.