A historic mill is back in operation, thanks to Framo Morat trainees

It became an annual Pentecost tradition to start up the Öhlermühle mill located in Jostal, a city situated in the High Black Forest in southwest Germany to celebrate the German Miller’s Day on each Whit Monday. The mill, which was built in 1772, was used until 1934. It has been a protected monument since 1988.
Oil presser August Fürderer upgraded the mill in the early 90’s and has since opened it up to visitors for regular tours and special events. As the roller mill’s large bevel gear sets from 1806 began to lose their “teeth” over the winter and with the opening for Miller’s Day right around the corner, Fürderer contacted the Framo Morat gear specialists and began to design the overhaul.

Framo Morat determined the procedure in the initial meeting. The trainees came up with drawings to make future improvements possible. The trainees from Framo Morat were responsible for leading this “rescue mission” and milling off what was remaining of the teeth, milling the groove and creating two new teeth. These were then screwed into the bevel gear’s tooth root. Afterwards, it was heated at 170°C in the -in-house climate-controlled oven. The cast iron welding of the teeth was next. After some reworking, the bevel gear and its new teeth were placed back in the mill in the first week of May. The mill was immediately operational and could mill corn and press oil again just in time for Whit Monday.