Franz Morat Group reaches 100-million-euro mark

For the first time in its history, the Franz Morat Group passed the sales threshold of 100 million euros. At around 107 million euros, the sales figure is about 10% higher than that of the previous year. This greatly surpasses the goal of reaching 100 million euros in sales in 2022, which was set 10 years ago as part of the Target 100 corporate strategy.

Despite the persistent warning signs related to the war in Ukraine, the Franz Morat Group is projecting sales growth of over 10% for 2023 as well. According to the new FMG Drive 150 corporate strategy, a sales target of 150 million euros is in the sights for 2026. “The targets sound ambitious given the current conditions, but we have laid the foundation for our continued growth over the previous years and have been working on numerous promising projects,” explains Managing Director Gökhan Balkis. In support of this, the company will continue expanding its presence in booming industries such as environmental and power engineering and intralogistics. Balkis goes on to explain that new customers and markets will be tapped into through innovative products and technologies, including wheel hub drives and the energy-efficient, space-optimized speeroX gear. Balkis also cites the continuous positive development of the international locations as a reason for this cautious optimism. The growth strategy includes targeted augmentation of personnel numbers in the sales and service companies in the US and Turkey. Expansions as well as increases to personnel capacities are planned for the production locations in Poland and Mexico.

In support of the growth of the Eisenbach headquarters, the new Plant 3 with its own training center moved into a site of around 3,000 m² over the summer. In December, five machines for the Plastic Injection Molding Technology business unit were installed in the newly freed floorspace in Plant 1. These were moved back to Eisenbach from the VS-Pfaffenweiler production hall that has been leased since 2014. This move has now centralized all production in Germany back in Eisenbach, enabling more flexible workforce planning and reducing logistics expenditure and transport risks. A three-story connecting building is currently being built between Plants 1 and 2 to improve efficiency of the flow of goods at the headquarters in Eisenbach. Completion and commissioning are projected for the second quarter of 2023.

As already announced, construction of the company’s own solar park on the south side of company property along Franz-Morat Street has also been scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2023. Construction will begin as soon as the snow has melted. Connection to the power grid can then be done just one or two months later. With a total surface area of nearly 9,000 m², the solar park will cover around 10% of the Group’s energy demand at the Eisenbach location, thus making an important contribution to sustainability and an efficient energy supply.

The team’s headcount was fortified over the past year in order to be ready for the challenges ahead. The Franz Morat Group employs a total of around 670 personnel, 560 of which work at headquarters.

Gökhan Balkis, Managing Director of the Franz Morat Group (image source: Franz Morat Group)