Franz Morat Group Generates Record Revenues

With revenues of over 95 million euros, the Franz Morat Group posted the highest turnover in company history – despite the weakening business cycle. The Group exceeded the previous year’s total by around four million euros. Due to the current economic situation, however, the revenue planning for 2020 foresees a one-percent growth rate to 97 million euros, a target that is much more modest than in previous years.

According to CEO Gökhan Balkis, the Group will continue to intensify its activities in booming and recession-proof sectors such as medical and rehabilitation technology, intralogistics, and electromobility. Given the overall economic situation, the Group’s special highlight for 2019 was the production kick-off of Morat Swoboda Motion, a joint venture between automotive supplier Swoboda and the Franz Morat Group. Since July, the new company has produced geared drive components for electromobility in a brand new factory in Nowa Ruda, Poland.

Overall growth at the international production locations is positive, says Balkis – in particular, the injection molding plant in Mexico will move several major orders into series production next year. This will make a major contribution to positive revenue growth. Near its headquarters in Eisenbach, Germany, the company also expanded the Plastics/Injection Molding Technology business unit’s capacity. The Franz Morat Group acquired a 20% share of LSM Matzka GmbH, a company that manufactures machine tools. The owner-run family company headquartered in Deisslingen, Germany, has more than 20 years of experience in producing molds and machine tools.

Currently, the Franz Morat Group has 650 employees, 570 of whom work in Eisenbach. Over 40 employees work at the production site of Morat Swoboda in Poland.