Framo Morat’s new PoolCoverDrive

Distinction: Golden Wave Award for the PoolCoverDrive

Every two years, the trade journal “Schwimmbad + Sauna”, Europe’s largest pool & spa magazine, decerns the Golden Wave Award. This prize honors, in eight categories, companies of the swimming pool sector for their outstanding innovations. We are proud that our PoolCoverDrive, developed in co-operation with Bieri Alpha Covers and known in this Company under the name “Nautilus F2”, has bee distinguished with the Golden Wave Award 2015 in the category “Roofs and Covers”.

An underfloor unwinding system is, without a doubt, the most elegant solution for moving the cover of a swimming pool. The challenge is that the drive, which is under water, has to be absolutely watertight for years – like the new, double-encapsulated PoolCoverDrive from Framo Morat with AQUASEAL technology.

The PoolCoverDrive is also protected from the formation of condensation and undergoes 100% leak testing in a test bench set up expressly for this purpose. The electrical connection using stainless steel plug connectors is also watertight, meeting the requirements of IP68.

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