Framo Morat Polska Awarded DIN EN ISO 9001 Certification

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification is the only non-sector-dependent certification standard for quality management systems. It incorporates customer satisfaction and the generation of compliant services and performances in kind as its most important objectives. At the same time, this standard also requires organizations to implement on-going processes of improvement.

As part of our strategy to meet our customers’ demands for product quality, productivity and competitiveness, and also to further expand our capacity and performance throughout the entire Franz Morat Group, the Framo Morat Polska SP. z o.o. assembly plant in Nowa Ruda, Poland (founded in 2015), has now been awarded DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. Both Framo Morat and F. Morat have operated in compliance with this certification standard since the mid ’90s, and they have also been certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 since 2012 (Framo Morat) and 2015 (F. Morat).

For well over a year, Framo Morat Polska has played an important part in the Franz Morat Group, a group with an active international presence, and has made a decisive contribution to expanding the capacity of the company group as a whole and improving and sustaining its global competitiveness.  Since July 1st 2015, the 30-strong workforce have assembled and tested many different transmission projects at the 2,500 m² production site, before packing them securely for shipping. The projects range from partly mounted assemblies through to complete, ready-to-use transmission systems (including motor and control elements). We use a wide variety of processes, product- and process-oriented tests, and testing methods, during assembly.

DIN EN ISO 9001 certification will help both the production facility in Nowa Ruda and the Franz Morat Group as a whole to meet the requirements and demands of their customers across all industrial sectors and to continue with the growth and success the group has enjoyed in recent years.
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