Statement from the Management

The basis of all of our actions at the Franz Morat Group is compliance with the applicable national and international statutory regulations. Furthermore, as a company group, we place a high value on protecting the environment, observing human rights, work and social standards as well as anti-discrimination and anti-corruption guidelines.

We also expect this from all of our business partners. For this reason, we have defined our core principles in our Code of Conduct as well as within our Corporate Policy. The Code of Conduct as well as our Corporate Policy are guides for our behavior in business relations and apply to each of us.

These rules are supplemented by the following informer system, which employees, business partners and even third parties can use at any time to report rule-breaking behavior.

If you want to submit a report, you have the following reporting options:

Reporting channels

By mail with the note “ATTN: Compliance”:

Franz Morat Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Franz Morat Straße 6,
D-79871 Eisenbach / Hochschwarzwald


By e-mail to:

By form with the following Button


Compliance is the adherence to laws and internal company rules. For the Franz Morat Group, this specifically means that all business activities of our company group as well as those of our employees must be in agreement with statutory regulations, our Code of Conduct and additional relevant guidelines and instructions.

All our employees are asked to report possible violations and thus help limit the consequences of those violations and prevent similar misbehavior in the future. The same applies to business partners as to anyone else.

  • All employees, including trainees, students, doctoral students or interns
  • All external parties (e.g. temporary workers or employees of external service providers)
  • All business partners (e.g. suppliers, customers or cooperation partners)
  • All third parties

It is important to us as a company group that proceedings that suggest a criminal offense (e.g. theft, fraud or bribery), a systematic violation of the law or a violation of our internal company rules are reported.

A violation of internal company rules would include, for example, non-compliance with quality and/or safety standards or the failure to observe our Code of Conduct by our employees or business partners.

Yes, as every report leads to an internal company investigation in which tips are followed up on accordingly.


Informers who report possible violations according to the best of their knowledge and in good faith have no reason to fear adverse measures taken by our company group as a result of the report.