Our high vertical range of production, both in metal processing as well as in plastic injection molding and seamless quality control, ensure high-quality results in competitive terms.

All metal processing work steps that are crucial to quality such as turning, gear cutting, external cylindrical grinding, profile grinding, generating grinding and gear shaping are carried out in-house at Framo Morat. We are also one of the few manufacturers in our industry to have its own heat treatment processes.

You can find out more about the production technologies Framo Morat has to offer here

The cornerstone of F. Morat’s success in plastic injection molding is due to the company’s own toolmaking process that includes CAD-CAM systems, state-of-the-art CNC lathes and milling machines as well as wire and die sinking machines. We process all varieties of thermoplastics and use each one according to its specific properties. F. Morat is one of the few manufacturers with the ability to produce precision parts with a wide variety of fillers and reinforcing agents in addition to the temperature-resistant PEEK™material.

You can find out more about the production technologies F. Morat has to offer here

From prototype to series production

We use a wide variety of technical monitoring and control systems in production processes:

  • Internal pressure and temperature sensors
  • Last part inspections
  • Batch series sorting
  • Statistical process control
  • Machine capability studies
  • Visual and tactile measuring procedures
  • Gear rolling tests
  • Additional part- and customer-specific test criteria

There’s nothing better than a product that meets the expectations of our customers!

But it’s not just machines that deliver optimum product quality, but also the people who work with them. We employ approximately 700 employees, 70 percent of whom have specialized training and 10% of whom are currently completing their education or receiving advanced training.

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