Assembly & Use

Once all components have successfully undergone quality testing, the drive units are mounted on the assembly island that is set up according to the latest ergonomic and economical considerations. The product is finally delivered to the customer when the end-of-the-line inspection is complete.

Unique challenges require unique solutions

Our portfolio of drive solutions includes partially assembled components, standardized modular gearbox components and ready-to-use complete drives including a motor and control system. We use a wide variety of machining processes and testing methods during assembly.

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End of line

Our on-site end-of-the-line inspection is carried out before the series product can finally be delivered to the customer for installation. During this process, the functions of the drive characteristics previously discussed with the customer (functional specifications) such as the torque, current draw and sound are checked on a separate test bench.

End of line
End of line

The drive of many industries

This results in drive solutions such as screw, spur or planetary drives and complex control systems. including motor and control systems. These solutions operate reliably in a wide variety of industries. Here are some examples: drives for curved stair lifts that transport people with limited mobility safely and conveniently up and down the stairs in their homes, plastic components that activate control valves in long-distance heating pipe networks, depending on the travel, actuating power, speed or operating voltage, two-component-mixing devices which are used to dose two paste-like substances at the push of a button in dental technology.

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